Charlottesville Sparkles is a community effort and partnership among citizens, local businesses, city government, neighborhood and community associations, Piedmont Virginia Community College and The University of Virginia to maintain and improve the quality of everyday life, the profitability of business and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the history and potential of our city.

We want to promote a high profile of the attractions and possibilities of our community not just to our friends and neighbors but to visitors whether they are here for our winery tours, Monticello, Ash Lawn among the many interesting stops or for a day visit to pick up their young men and women from our colleges. We would like visitors to see what we are striving for....a clean, safe, energetic and welcoming destination and to consider staying for an extra day....or two.

A clean, energetic city is a more welcoming city and that benefits everyone who lives here or visits. We have so much to offer our residents, our visitors, the families and friends of our students and we can promote 'stay an extra day' by insuring our city is clean.

'Charlottesville Sparkles' is not a one day affair. It is a continuing effort to put our best foot forward with appropriate boosts in promotion as when students return from summer break, the holiday seasons, special events and, of course, Spring Cleaning. We've had a rough winter. IT'S TIME TO PARTY!

Many of you will recognize the proposed logo Sidney Tapscott a man who spent many years cleaning our city on a daily basis.  Recognizing Sidney (and his volunteer contribution) is a great way to acknowledge our rich history.  Laura Galgano has compiled a link about Tapscott,, which I'll pass along if you don't already have it.

The Midtown Business Association is busy getting t-shirts printed for their neighborhood, the city, from Mayor Huja and City Manager Maurice Jones, Judy Mueller's Department of Utilities and Brian Daley's Parks and Rec Department and many others, is planning a boost in the attention given Midtown and it will be up to us to insure this attention continues and grows.

The gentleman in the above picture is Sidney Tapscott who spent many years travelling up and down Main St. from Belmont Bridge to The Corner sweeping streets, picking up litter and became a fixture on the Downtown Mall.  He represented to many of us the civic spirit of our community in presenting a clean, vibrant city to our neighbors and visitors alike.


Don't be shy.  Jump in and while we're at it be sure and let the men and women in Judy Mueller's Dept. of Utilities and Brian Daley's Parks and Rec know how much we appreciate their work keeping our city clean and vibrant.  Their efforts are critical.


Charlottesville Sparkles, April 12, 2014.  Neighborhood groups from Fifeville, Midtown, Orangedale and Tenth and Page gathered at Maya Restaurant today for the kickoff of a community pride and clean up event.  Spearheaded by Peter Castiglione and Laura Galgano almost 2 dozen citizens, termed SIDNEY SWEEPERS, pitched in to spruce up West Main Street.  Joined by Mayor Satyendra Huja the group set the standard for other neighborhood groups around town to flex some civic pride and energy.